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SOLUTION * Navigate to FILE >> OPTIONS >> ADVANCED >> scroll down to the send/receive heading >> click on theSEND/RECEIVE button on the right * On the right hand side of the send/receive groups window that opens click on the EDIT button * Un-ch...
PROBLEM Windows Firewall is an OS level software firewall. It can be a crucial part of OS level security if you are not using other firewall hardware or software. Since I do not have another firewall I have a need to enable Windows Firewall for my S...
IS YOUR PC TAKING MINUTES INSTEAD OF SECONDS TO BOOT AFTER INSTALLING WINDOWS 10? WE HAVE SOME SOLUTIONS ENABLING/DISABLING FAST START-UP We were largely able to fix the sluggish boot speeds of our Acer Aspire V5 by disabling Windows 10's fast start-...
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